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Alec John Jameson (JohnnyJ) [userpic]

Kids Are Wonderful...

May 25th, 2001 (08:45 am)
current mood: smiling

One of my favorite students has just been amazing recently. Always hanging around when he's got a free period and always helping out. He's smart and likable -- but still edgy. (Kind of a lot like me!) And talented and willing to work hard for his talent.

And he's been encouraging some of the other students to work to help out in various classes. It's totally seat-of-the-pants stuff -- not an organized effort or anything. But if he's coming by to see me he'll bring along some of his 'buds' and then they'll all end up helping me with whatever I'm doing at the time. Or if he's there and some other students drop by, he does the same thing. Jake gets kids to participate and helps me manage my unruly classes (Sophomores are notoriously rowdy, I think -- it's like a 'middle child' thing) -- he's like a God-send sometimes...

I think how easily these kids around could disrupt the teaching process -- and how other teachers are complaining about Seniors who 'crash' a class and cause problems (which we talked about over coffee just yesterday morning). I'm so lucky to have kids like Jake who make teaching more enjoyable and more rewarding and LESS of a hassle. I never forget how much I like to teach, but sometimes I just feel grateful because the experience is SO good that I don't just like it -- I LOVE it.

The kids make that happen. You can like teaching even when you don't have fabulous (Leo's word!) kids -- but without good students, you can't LOVE teaching. And most days I'm in LOVE with my work -- no matter how tedious it gets.

Maybe my good mood is only partly these wonderful kids. I'm a lucky person -- still young myself (23), very physically active, with a good circle of supportive and fun-loving friends, a Mother who is warm and understanding. I do work I enjoy and feel is productive and making a change in the world. The weather is NOT cold and rainy (which is typical for the Pacific Northwest in the spring!) -- today is another bright, sunny day...

Online is quiet for me right now. My online friends have their own RLs to live, apparently. They're off doing things which matter to them -- just as I am doing things which matter to me. Even Leo has been very busy with the end of the school year. That's okay -- I want to feel that the time I spend online is used in a valuable way. I do want to write -- I've got a Howie fic prodding me lately. I don't know about posting it, though. I was flamed by some people at the HowieDoroughSlash list, and I don't really feel comfortable going back there. I haven't even been over there to read the posts recently. I know this is supposedly a 'water under the bridge' situation -- and there are people, like Jericho, who seem to be cool with me again -- but there was a number of those people who were more than a little put out by me. The 'forgiveness' I received didn't happen at the list -- so many of these folks remain unhappy with me -- and I feel some might actively dislike me. So, it's not really a happy place for me to 'play' anymore...

It's not like I HAVE to post my fic at all, actually. I could just share it around with some of my closer friends and let it go at that. The small amount of fic I've actually done never got all that much feedback, and it's not like I live or die for feedback, anyway (like many people do). Me, if I like the fic myself that's the most important thing.

Sure, it's a kick to get an award (which was probably undeserved, but what the hell) and to be hosted at a website (again, she could get someone better and who produces more fic, I'm sure). But if I never put another piece of my fic out there online, I'll live just fine... (And most of my online friends would never miss reading my fic, either. It's not like they're all saying, 'wow, wish Johnny would write another fic' or something. My ego is nicely in check about all this, I think. I'm an okay writer -- and I like my shit. And that's good enough for what is only a hobby, anyway.)

Class beckons! I've strayed well beyond my topic, as usual.



Posted by: molly bloom (jericho1)
Posted at: May 25th, 2001 10:51 am (UTC)

You're only 23? Wow. I'm older than you. Now I can pat you on the head and call you a youngster. And yes! Post your fic.

Do you want a little picture for your journal? I have a couple of extra Howie ones. I'm going to send one your way.

Posted by: Debra (ex_debrajoy529)
Posted at: May 25th, 2001 11:28 am (UTC)

Heys Johnny... Post it! Post it at Dreams! We're BSB friendly now! I'm sure people there would want to read it and you'd get some feedback. If from nobody else, I"m sure Jer and I would hop right on it :-)


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