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Alec John Jameson (JohnnyJ) [userpic]

Happy Guy...

July 18th, 2002 (11:27 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: Civ III music from Leo's current game...

Yeah, it's late. I should so be in bed asleep. But Leo feels like playing on his computer, so I'm keeping him company. (We've got a big day tomorrow, but who cares. We'll sleep over the weekend. Unless we get together with Joey, MM and Charlie, that is. LOL.)

Welcome to new LJ friend Gray lilgray (from the RCF list)! This is becoming such a family affair...

And I'm so thrilled to see Sar saharafic has come into the RCF fold. Wonderful! Happy, happy. LOL.

Summer is great... (Even if several friends are hurting for money and out of jobs. Which is pretty sad...)

Hated that story about the five-year-old child in Cali. God. I'm going to be praying about that one. What an awful story. (I'm kind of glad school is out and I'm not having to discuss that one with students. Ugh.)

I'm back to working out again (got to keep in shape for my guy). I never exactly quit -- but I was sliding a little. LOL. (And Leo rarely if ever does that! He's serious about staying in shape. Therefore, so should I be...)

I agreed with Nik's saying that it's actually easier to 'comment' on what friends are posting inside their LJs inside our own LJs. (Did that make sense?) It does get confusing to try and keep up with it all otherwise! (Maybe if I spent more time online it wouldn't. But I don't see that in my destiny right now...)

Glad to hear about Mary from FatJoey! I was worried, too. (So was Leo.) Mary's been so sweet with us!

Need to goose the Nasty list. I was glad to see Kevin post a fic there! (Well, Kevin -- you sure do write het! LOL. Why not, considering you're a married guy...)

Okay, off to check on Leo's game. (And then I'll suggest some games of my own! LOL. Yes, FJ -- we are having a pretty fine time...)