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Alec John Jameson (JohnnyJ) [userpic]


July 19th, 2002 (11:36 am)

current mood: grateful

I have a lovely new one (thanks, Nik!) -- but I'll have to wait to add it... Currently I love what I've got here -- and we unpaid users don't get but three spots! LOL.

Leo and I have yet to decide about doing paid accounts. Personally, as silly as it might sound, even five bucks is a lot of cash to me, still. And I've got so many places it could go besides here. So I'll wait for now, anyway. LOL.

I guess I'll just use some icons for a time and then use different ones later. Again, thanks, Nik. The effort is greatly appreciated. (He made it for me in 'honor' of me joining up at BoH. It's a pic of A.J. praying! Very cool. LOL.)

All for now...