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Alec John Jameson (JohnnyJ) [userpic]

Airshow Day!

August 17th, 2002 (07:57 pm)

current mood: hot
current song: The sound of jet airplanes still ringing in my ears...

Leo and I went with Marilyn and Charlie to the 2002 Airshow to see the Thunderbirds. What an amazing show! I'm all over those jet performances. LOL.

Here's some pics...

Poor Joey! They only had chalet passes for four, so he didn't get to come along. Wow, he missed a great show.

There was beer, wine (softdrinks) and good food, too -- but it was really too hot to eat or drink (alcohol) much. It hit close to 90 degrees in Portland/Vancouver today -- and it's usually around ten degrees higher on the 'tarmack' (doesn't that sound 'official'???). It seemed damned hot to me! LOL.

Leo and I just got back Tuesday of last week from our trip to Cali. We visited his family and friends in San Diego and then went to Los Angeles and saw Kit! It was an amazing trip.

It's great to be home -- and the weather here is amazing. Leo's really feeling 'at home' here right now with all the sunshine and higher temps...



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